Easy Sleep Tips


From being a sleep consultant for many years now, I have realized that most parents aren’t ready to jump into the sleep training process too quickly.  Often, they do LOTS of research before even contacting me.  Their research includes the internet, books, talking with mom friends and family members.  Then, there is the pondering, should […]

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Overtired Baby


When babies get overtired, they can be hard to settle. We want to prevent the overtired state so babies will go down for sleep easier. Here are some tips on how to prevent overtiredness in a baby as well as tips on how to get an overtired baby to sleep.

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Napping 101


Babies need to nap during the day. Napping helps prevent an overtired baby so they can sleep more restfully at night. If a nap does not nap during the day, this can lead to a difficult bedtime and more wake ups during the night. Listen to more by clicking on the image above.

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Daylight Saving Time Change 2015


Seriously who invented this time change thing?!?! Every year, as a Sleep Consultant I rack my braining wondering how to help my clients through the idea that their children MAY wake up at 5am instead of 6am – and believe me I totally empathize because I also don’t want to be getting up earlier with […]

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Back to School Sleep Tips


Two weeks before the beginning of school, start working on establishing an early bedtime. Start by moving your child’s bedtime earlier by 15 minutes every few nights until you reach an appropriate bedtime (between 7pm and 8pm for school aged children). If your child is having a difficult time falling asleep at an earlier bedtime, you can wake him or her up earlier in the morning as well to help reset their sleep clocks.

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Summer Fun and Sleep


If you have a child that wakes up at exactly the same time each day regardless of when he goes to bed at night, then this will start to catch up with him pretty quickly leading to “sleep debt” and you will have an overtired child on your hands within a few days.

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Tips to Decrease Bedtime Anxiety


Anxieties and fears will come and go throughout the years. The skills you teach your child to decrease anxiety at bedtime now will get adapted as they go through childhood, teen age years and adulthood—skills that will last a lifetime.

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Ditch the crib, time for a bed?

bye bye crib

It usually becomes pretty clear when your child is ready for a toddler bed. If she’s happy in the crib and not trying to jump out headfirst, then by all means, keep her in the crib. But if your child is a little escape artist and doesn’t seem happy to be confined anymore, it might be time to move to a bed.

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Baby Overwhelm


One of the things you learn when you become new parents is that there’s just so much you need to know about raising your bundle of joy! First you’ve got nursing and bottle feedings. Then there’s swaddling—what it is and then, should I swaddle? Schedule or no schedule for your baby? Of course there’s also how to handle teething, sickness and grow spurts. Don’t forget the cherry on top—SLEEP!

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Dropping Daytime Nap


If you decide that it’s time to end that daytime sleep, I prefer that you do things 100% percent. It’s easier on the body’s biological clock if we keep things consistent rather than nap one day and not another. Inconsistency with naptime will affect bedtime too!

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